Audi RS5 Sportback Photo Gallery

Sportback version of Audi’s quick RS5 adds versatility and style

Audi RS5 Sportback_19

Audi’s RS5 has always been a quick sedan, but with the current swath of RS vehicles coming to the United States, the 4-door RS4 isn’t making the trip. For those wanting more oomph from their RS than the fantastic RS3, but need the extra doors, can now look to the RS5 Sportback to meet their needs.

Sharing virtually the same specifications as the coupe RS5, the Sportback gives you easier seating for five and a cargo area capable of gobbling up all the luggage you’ll need.

We also think the green that the car is painted in is quite nice. Check out our gallery from the reveal at the New York International Auto Show and the press photos of Audi’s newest RS; the RS5 Sportback.

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